ZIPP 16 MM RIM TAPE - WHITE 700C or 650C

Two pieces of 700c x 16 mm high-performance rim tape for use with 700c and 650c carbon/aluminum hybrid wheels including the 60 Clincher. 

Black stainless steel aero skewers

These SS aero skewers will save 2 watts and weigh only 85g.

Bar end plugs

Add these matching bar end lugs to complete your Zipp cockpit.

Vuma BB30

Use your favorite cranks with any BB30 frame. Kit has full assembly instructuctions. Works with VumaQuad or VumaChrono style cranks. 

Zipp hub grease - 20ml

Highest quality water-proof grease in an easy to apply syringe. Use this on the pawl springs and ratchet ring of your 188 hub.

Keep your wheels running like new.

VumaQuad Spacer Kit

Spacer / washer kit for the VumaQuad.