Zipp CeramicSpeed upgrade bearing kits

High quality hybrid ceramic bearings for current Zipp wheels and discs from CeramicSpeed in Denmark. Use these to ugrade your steel bearings for 1.5 - 9 watts savings depending on your bearing conditions.

Zipp stem top cap and bolt

A Zipp stem deserves a Zipp cap. The 8g-aluminum cap and 9g-bolt are the same as those used on bikes built for Zipp-sponsored professional teams. 

Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Evo Brake Pad

Our redesigned pad – created especially for braking on carbon surfaces – delivers smooth speed control and reliable stopping power in all conditions, wet or dry.

Tangente Platinum Pro Brake Pad

A silver composite brake pad for carbon, NOT aluminum braking surfaces. Runs cooler, stops better in the wet and lasts longer than cork.

Tangente High Performance Cork Brake Pad

The Tangente High Performance Cork Brake Pad reduces heat and improves stopping performance. Two pads per pack

Carbon/Carbon Brake Pads

Stop faster and with less wear and tear to your aluminum or Silica-ceramic braking surfaces.