Carbon/Carbon Brake Pads

Working with the leading brake producer for Formula 1 race teams, Zipp engineered the first thermally conductive, low temperature brake pad for the bike market. Compared with traditional rubber pads, Zipp Carbon/Carbon Brake Blocks improve modulation, stopping power, and durability. Plus, they’re compatible with aluminum braking surfaces and the Silica-ceramic surfaces of Zipp tubular rims.

Note: Available for Campagnolo pad holders only. Brake pads sold in packs of two. 

Using the same pads on clinchers then switching to tubulars results in tubular braking surface wear that is enhanced by embedded aluminum shards. The shedding of aluminum is dependent on the aluminum extrusion used, some wheel makes are worse than others (Zipp rims shed relatively low amounts).

We suggest you inspect the pads after changing from clinchers to tubular, then pick or file away any aluminum shards if you do not want to change pads.