Tangente Tubular Tires

Apply Zipp's ABLC dimples to the fastest-moving parts of your bike. Available in 21mm or 23mm.

Tangente Clincher Tires

The Tangente is the most aerodynamic tire in the world, saving up to 9 seconds over 40km. Available in 21mm or 23mm.

Zipp Valve Extensions

Available in five lengths to match all Zipp rim depths. Sold as single units.

Zipp Valve Extender Wrench Set

Wrench set to install Zipp integrated valve extenders system.

Zipp Integrated Valve Extender Kits, 303-1080

Kit including three Zipp Integrated Valve Extenders and set of two Tangente Valve Wrenches

Integrated valve extenders 303-1080

Integrated external-valve core extenders for use with Zipp Butyl inner tubes. Sized individually for 303-1080 and sold as single units.