Lisa Norden

Sport/discipline: Triathlon

About Lisa: I started off as a horse girl who was a pretty good at all sorts of sport. I trained mostly to stay fit but really enjoyed running and biking, although my biking was more of a way to get from A to B at the time. I stumbled upon a triathlon race by pure accident and thought I'd give it a try. From there I had a long way ahead of me, learning all sorts of skills including freestyle swimming. I raced my first Junior Worlds in New Zeeland 2003, but triathlon only took a serious turn 2006. A year later I won the U23 World Champs in Hamburg and early 2008 I had my first World Cup podium. Since then things have been ticking on quite nicely.

Outside training I enjoy simple things like good weather and a nice cup of coffee. I read quite a lot and bake mean sourdough breads.

Hometown: Kristianstad, Sweden

Current residence: Canberra, Australia 

SRAM® products used: SRAM RED groupset

Zipp® products used: Zipp 101 for training, 404 Firecrest® tubular for most ITU races and 900 Disc 808 Firecrest tubular  for most non-drafting races.

Favorite SRAM product and why: I’m a big fan of the shifting, the one leaver simple, clean kind of shifting.

Favorite Zipp product and why: I love my 404 Firecrests. Putting them on my Amira before the race makes for an amazing transformation.

Do you train with a SRAM-Quarq® power meter? I do and certainly enjoy it. The Quarq together with my heart rate monitor is my most useful training tool. It helps my pacing over the efforts and keeping track on improvement or fatigue.

What is one surprising or helpful thing you learned about yourself from training and/or racing with power? That I need to start a little bit more conservative than what I feel like. It’s easy to put out big wattage to start with and then fade as the effort goes on.

You’re stranded on a desert island and you have to choose one of each of the following:

One album? Coldplay’s Parachutes

One candy? 80 percent dark chocolate

One vice?double espresso...

Notable Race Results:

ITU Sprint World Champion 2010

Silver and Bronze in the ITU World Championships Series 2009 and 2010.

U23 ITU World Champion 2007

Bronze at the European Championships 2008, 2010

Winner of the Hy-Vee Triathlon 2011

Winner of US Open Dallas Triathlon 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Winner of the LA Triathlon 2009, 2010, 2011



Twitter: @lisanorden