Feather Light, Tough as Nails

SL Bar 

A minimalist bar for climbers and smaller riders, the Zipp® SL Bar is the result of more than four years of research and development and more than 40 revisions of the carbon-laminate structure. It weighs a mere 170 g (Short & Shallow drops, 44 cm), but it's stiff enough to grunt over the steepest grades and smooth enough for all-day comfort, thanks to Zipp's VCLC™ vibration-damping technology included in all our bars. Features such as dual cable routing grooves and a gradual taper from 31.8 mm at the clamp to 24.2 mm at the bends contribute to the SL's classic looks.

Our goal was to design the lightest drop bar available while still passing EFBe Laboratory's top performance racing standard. We achieved it with the SL.


$350 / €313

Weight (42 cm) 170g
Size 38, 40, 42, 44cm(Center-to-Center)
Clamp Width 48.0mm
Traditional Bend No
Clamp Diameter 31.8
Short-Shallow Bend Yes
Clip Compatible No
Max Brake Lever Torque 8NM
Max Torque Clamping to Bar 8NM
Drop style SS and TB
SL Bar named Editor's Choice  April 2012 [pdf]

The UK's Cycling Plus magainze gave its “Editor’s choice” mark to the Zipp carbon SL Bar and SLSpeed stem. Click to read full item.