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Vuka Extensions 


Zipp’s carbon Vuka Extensions give you all the options needed to optimize your aero position and go for the win or your personal best. Carbon Vuka Extensions are available in a variety styles:

  • Vuka Race (top image to the left) was designed using data compiled from thousands of fit sessions with recreational and professional cyclists and triathletes by the world’s best fitters. The Vuka Race bend places the wrists at a more natural bend to help riders remain in their tuck to optimize aerodynamics. 135 grams.
  • Race Vuka Shift (middle image), features the innovative Race bend. What’s more, the Vuka Shift moves the shifter closer to the rider’s hand by almost and inch by mounting the shifter directly onto the extension, which helps allow riders to shift easily from their aerodynamic tuck. The Race Vuka Shift is compatible with SRAM 900 TT, 500 TT, R2C Aero Shifter and Zipp R2C shifters only. 145 grams.
  • Ski-Tip (bottom image) places you in a position for speed as well as long-haul comfort. 140 grams.


Guidelines for cutting extensions:

  • The extensions are marked on the underside in 1cm increments with half centimeter increments shown with smaller lines. A minimum of 3cm of extension must be inserted into the VukaBullet body to avoid damaging the extensions. This means that a minimum of six marks (three large and three small) must be inserted into the bar after the bars are cut to length.
  • If more than 4cm of extension need to be removed, we recommend removing in 2-3cm increments to avoid overcutting of the extensions.
  • The extension should be wrapped in masking tape at the point where it will be cut and cut with a composite or FRP specific hacksaw blade. The masking tape will help ensure that the cut is clean and no jagged fibers lift off of the part.

Warning: Do NOT cut anything from the front end of these extensions.


$130, €116 per set for Vuka Race and Ski-Tip 

$200, €179 for Race Vuka Shift R2C 


Vuka Race
Weight 135g
Length 360mm
Shifter fit plug style
Shifter Bore Diameter 19.2 ±0.25 37mm deep
Rise 52mm
Clip Clamp Fit 22.2 +0.15 -0.05mm
Clip Clamp Torque 4Nm
Vuka Ski
Weight 140g
Length 360mm
Shifter fit plug style
Shifter Bore Diameter 19.2 ±0.25 37mm deep
Rise 40° or 70mm
Clip Clamp Fit 22.2 +0.15 -0.05mm
Clip Clamp Torque 4Nm
Race Vuka Shift
Weight 145g
Length 360mm
Shifter fit bolt on
Shifter compatibility Zipp Vuka R2C, SRAM R2C, SRAM TT900, SRAM TT500
Rise 49mm
Clip Clamp Fit 22.2 +0.15 -0.05mm
Clip Clamp Torque 4Nm
Triathlete Buyer's Guide: Vuka best in class  April 2013 [pdf]

The 2013 Triathlete Magazine Buyer's Guide named the Vuka Alumina and Zipp extensions as its Best in Class Aerobar. "Their adjustment range is incredible in all directions. The extensions are interchangeable, and Zipp offers a wide variety of shapes."

Click on PDF for full review

TriRig reviews new carbon extensions  June 2012

Writing for, Nick Salazar takes a detailed look at the new Zipp Vuka Carbon Extensions 22.2 as part of his comprehensive review of the Vuka Alumina aero cockpit. Read the review here

Slowtwitch: Vuka aero cockpit a hit  April 2012's Dan Empfield is full of praise in his analysis of the Vuka Alumina Clip and aero cockpit system: "Zipp has designed a bar here that meets just about every design and market imperative. It's modular. It's comfortable. It's adjustable. And it's cheap. It's like somebody at Zipp sat down and wrote out a list of everything that makes an aerobar work for end users, bike shop personnel, and bike makers. Then designed a bar, in the Zipp Vuka Alumina Clip, with those imperatives in mind. What a concept!"