Rear: ZedTech 2 Front: ZedTech 2 Squeeze even more climbing performance out of the 202 with standard dimpled hubs, personalized colors, and optional ceramic bearings to complete the ultimate climbing wheelset.

Rear: 202 Front: 202 We’ve kept the 202’s weight to just 1081g per pair while retaining the stiffness to handle the rapid acceleration of your winning attack. As the first wind tunnel-developed climbing wheel, it will get you to the base of the ascent with ease.

Rear: 303 Front: 202 Keeping the 202’s feathery qualities up front but running a rear 303 adds just 49g. But it also adds the 303’s slight advantages in aerodynamics and stiffness, making this a good choice for bigger climbers.

Rear: 101 Front: 101 Use the racing hubs, aerodynamic advantage of the fully toroidal rim shape on the descents and the durability of an aluminum rim to your best advantage on the steep ascents. Stay ahead on aluminum.