Ironman - Coeur d'Alene

Rear: Sub-9 Front: 1080 Coeur d’Alene is a pretty fast course under ideal conditions. So don’t skimp on aerodynamics and go with the world’s fastest wheelset: a Sub-9 disc combined with a 1080 front.

Rear: 1080 Front: 808 A 1080/808 setup is 1560 grams of pure speed and a solid choice for Coeur d’Alene’s mix of flats and climbs. You’ll benefit from this wheelset’s great cornering abilities on the course’s fast sweeping turns.

Rear: 1080 Front: 808 A combination of the world’s fastest non-disc, the 1080, combined with the wheel that previously held that title, the 808, will be less affected by crosswinds than a pair of tri-spokes on a windy day in Idaho.

Rear: 808 Front: 404 Coeur d’Alene has enough climbing that a light wheelset has its benefits, especially when windy conditions make bike handling a priority of the entire course. An 808/404 setup fits the bill but keep you aero too.