Rear: ZedTech 8 Front: ZedTech 4 Criteriums are perhaps the ultimate test for an all-around wheel, and the ZEDTECH 8/4 combo is up to the challenge of cornering, sprinting, breakaways, sketchy pavement, and dodging crashes.

Rear: 808 Front: 404 The ultra-aero pairing of the stout 808 rear and nimble 404 front favors strong, aggressive racers who can win out of a break or a field sprint. Both have a new, faster rim shape for 2009. Don’t blink or you might them.

Rear: 404 Front: 404 Once again, our do-it-all 404 wheelset delivers the goods. For crit racing, that means aerodynamics for breakaway, low weight for accelerating out of the corners, and stiffness for sprinting.

Rear: 101 Front: 101 The Zipp toroidal 101 combines the very best in aluminum and hub technology to bring aerodynamics, low rolling resistance and stability to your race.