Ironman - Florida

Rear: Sub-9 Front: 1080 The flattest Ironman in North America, Florida is the perfect terrain to break out the serious speed weaponry: the Sub-9 disc and 1080 front wheel. Every inch of the course will be yours for the taking.

Rear: 1080 Front: 808 Even on a pancake like Florida, a disc isn’t the best choice for everyone. If you go with the 1080/808, you’re still getting the world’s fastest non-disc paired with the control and stellar aerodynamics of the 808.

Rear: 808 Front: 404 When the thunderstorms roll in, Florida can get quite treacherous. Running an 808/404 will help you maintain bike handling control throughout a long, wet day in the saddle. Both wheels feature new aero shapes for 2009.

Rear: 404 Front: 303 We design all our deep-profile rims with crosswind handling in mind, so the conditions have to be pretty sketchy for us to recommend a 404/303 pairing. When it gets ugly in Florida, smaller riders especially should consider this setup.