Triathlon - Hilly

Rear: ZedTech 10 Front: ZedTech 8 Balancing weight and aerodynamics for a hilly triathlon is always a tough call, but the incredible, 1560g pairing of a ZEDTECH 10 rear wheel with a ZEDTECH 8 front is an unbeatable option. The only choice left is your custom color scheme.

Rear: 1080 Front: 808 If you miss out on the dimpled hubs and personalized colors of ZEDTECH, the light and aero 1080/808 setup still offers the world’s fastest non-disc as your rear wheel and the wheel that it dethroned up front.

Rear: 808 Front: 808 Before the 1080 came along, the 808 reigned as the most aerodynamic non-disc available. The 98 grams saved by swapping out the 1080 rear for an 808 just might make the difference on a hilly course.

Rear: 808 Front: 404 1358 grams is all the weight you’ll be carrying up the hills when you’re using an 808 rear wheel with a 404 front. Plus, you’ll get the aero advantage of both wheels’ new rim shape that adds stiffness as well.