Triathlon - Louisville

Rear: Sub-9 Front: 1080 The Louisville course begs for all-out aerodynamics, and the Sub-9/1080 combination delivers it. With the world’s fastest wheelset, you’ll open a lead on the opening leg out River Road.

Rear: 1080 Front: 808 As spoked wheel pairings go, the 1080/808 setup has few drawbacks, if any. It tips the scales at just 1560g but gives you serious aerodynamics, perfect for the slightly varied terrain of the Louisville bike leg.

Rear: 1080 Front: 808 The same properties that make the 1080/808 combo a good one for a calm day at Louisville make it the best choice when the conditions turn ugly. You’ll be able to punch over the short climbs and maintain control all the way to T2.

Rear: 808 Front: 404 The 808/404 is a no-frills setup that offers light weight, solid aerodynamics, quick accelerations, and confident bike handling for all riders in any conditions.