Rear: ZedTech 8 Front: ZedTech 4 With dimpled hubs and more aerodynamic rim shapes for 2009, a ZEDTECH 8/4 setup announces your intentions before you ride the competition off your wheel in draft-legal racing.

Rear: 808 Front: 404 When tactics are the name of the game, running an 808 rear and 404 front wheelset plays all the right cards: aerodynamics, stiffness, control, and comfort to achieve your Olympic distance PR.

Rear: 404 Front: 404 If you look through this guide, you’ll find that the 404 wheelset makes the list for more applications than any other wheelset. Its 58mm rim is a great all-arounder for the unpredictable world of draft-legal racing.

Rear: 404 Front: 303 Offering the same benefits as the standard 404 setup with a slight edge in terms of control in windy conditions, pairing the 404 rear with a 303 front gives smaller riders all the advantages of our versatile package.