Road Race

Rear: ZedTech 8 Front: ZedTech 4 You never know what racing on the open road might throw at you. But with a ZEDTECH 8/4 wheelset, you’ll always roll up to the start line with confidence. Customize with the SL or SS laminate and your favorite colors.

Rear: 808 Front: 404 More and more of our pro teams are choosing the rigid, aero 808 for road racing. Meanwhile, the 404 remains our most versatile in our line. For 2009, both have new aero shapes for a bit more speed and stiffness.

Rear: 404 Front: 404 The 404 has conquered the Queen K, Alpe d’Huez and countless Tour stages and world championships. For 2009 it's faster than ever with a new fully toroidal rim shape derived from the 1080 and Sub 9 projects.

Rear: 101 Front: 101 The 30mm deep toroidal rim combines durability and the best racing hubs and aero available with the precision of an aluminum braking surface.