Rear: ZedTech 8 Front: ZedTech 8 From you, sprinting requires fast-twitch muscle fibers and nerves of steel. From your wheels, it calls for stiffness and aerodynamics. The ZEDTECH 8 answers that call with its 82mm rim profile and an optional SS laminate for added rigidity.

Rear: 808 Front: 808 Sure, the ZEDTECH 8 is the ultimate sprinter’s wheelset. But the 808 comes within a dimpled hub of taking that crown while leaving you with some extra cash to treat the members of your leadout train to a post-victory dinner.

Rear: 808 Front: 404 Swap out the 808 front wheel for the lighter, lower-profile 404, and your sprinting wheelset is perfectly suited for crosswind finishes or when the line comes just after the last corner.

Rear: 404 Front: 404 Another discipline, another win from the 404. Its 396g rims accelerate like lightning once the finish is in sight and the 58mm rim profile is aero enough to get you spun out in your 11.