ironman - Wisconsin

Rear: Sub-9 Front: 808 Once again, the Sub-9 tops our list of recommendations, even for the series of short climbs on the Wisconsin course. In addition to the obvious aero advantages, it also provides a comfy ride. An 808 front is a perfectly versatile complement.

Rear: 1080 Front: 404 If your riding style is more about punching over the climbs, a stiffer, lightweight wheelset might be the way to go. Running a 1080 rear with a 404 front clocks in at just 1456g but is plenty aero for Wisconsin’s flatter portions.

Rear: 1080 Front: 404 The same 1080/404 combo is even better suited to this course on a windy day. Despite is 108mm profile, the 1080 is surprisingly unaffected by crosswinds, and our 404 gives you all the versatility you need for any terrain and conditions.

Rear: 808 Front: 303 Lighter riders need a bit of extra control when it’s windy, and the 303 gives that benefit along with plenty of aerodynamic advantages. The 808, or course, gives you even more in that category plus out-of-the-saddle stiffness.