Carbon Bridge™

Exclusive technology that improves stiffness and impact resistance

Carbon Bridge

Adding Kevlar®, stitched into a 6 bundle co-axial thread and placing this at the rim edge, allows Zipp to 'capstone" the top of each outside diameter bridge, providing an improved way to distribute impact forces. This gives from 28 to as much as 50 % improvements in impact depending on the rim type and allows us to increases the lateral stiffness with minimal weight penalty.

Kevlar® with 1/3 the stiffness of carbon, 7 times as strong as steel by weight, but is 3 and a half times more resistant to impact shear forces (there is a reason Kevlar® is used for body armor), helps distribute the compaction forces generated during an impact further down the rim sidewalls. This novel lamination process, which more evenly distributes heavy point loads across the entire rim structure has been achieved with none to very minimal weight gain.

Just as the key-stone caps the long standing Roman arch, distributing loads and allowing taller structures, so our Carbon + Kevlar® bridge serves to protect and strengthen the structural carbon laminates that make up the Zipp rims. Placing the right materials in areas where they are most needed while selecting materials that are the very best fit for the function, places Zipp ahead of the pack in advanced rim design.

This graph compares the increase in impact resistance across Zipp wheels when using the new Carbon Bridge™ technology.

Carbon Bridge Comparison Graph