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Back 9.2.2008

US Pro national road championships: Caldwell 2nd, Pate 3rd, Euser 4th, Danielson 6th on Zipp Wheels

Yesterday's hotly contested 110-mile US Pro national road race championships came down to a photo finish with Blake Caldwell taking second. Danny Pate rounded out the podium in third. Lucas Euser finished fourth and Tom Danielson sixth to put four of the burrito boys in the top ten.

Final Road Race Results
1. Tyler Hamilton 4h38′19″
2. Blake Caldwell 00″
3. Danny Pate 04″
4. Lucas Euser 05
6. Tom Danielson 1′05″
14. Tom Peterson 3′43″
23. Christian Vande Velde 3′48″
24. Pat McCarty 3′48″
DNF Dave Zabriskie
DNF Steven Cozza
DNF Tyler Farrar

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