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Pick Up the Podium!

Zipp Speed Weaponry Joins CamelBak’s® “Pick Up the Podium” Promotion.


Zipp 404s Part of $10,000 Prize Pool During Tour of California


Promotion Celebrates Cycling’s Clean Team:  Garmin-Slipstream 


PETALUMA, Calif. (February 11, 2009) – Zipp Speed Weaponry and CamelBak® are turning “one man’s trash into another man’s treasure” with a Garmin-Slipstream promotion offering $10,000 in prizes to Tour of California spectators and cycling fans.  CamelBak’s “Pick Up the Podium” promotion rewards people for picking up the company’s Garmin-Slipstream Signature Podium bottles after the team’s riders hydrate then drop them throughout the Tour. 


Zipp Speed Weaponry joined the promotion, offering Zipp 404s.


CamelBak has lined up 164 “Pick Up the Podium” prizes from Garmin-Slipstream’s sponsors – some of cycling’s most respected brands.  Coded stickers on each bottle represent a chance to win. 


Cycling fans can purchase “Pick Up the Podium” promotional bottles at CamelBak’s booth during the Lifestyle Festival Expos at each stage, or by contacting CamelBak directly at   Participants email their promotional code to CamelBak.  Prizes will be drawn on March 11, 2009; winners will be notified by email.