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Emma Snowsill Talks to Zipp

We recently caught up with Zipp sponsored athlete Emma Snowsill to ask her about her recent successes and her future plans.

Q: You’re a past winner of three ITU World Championships under the one-day format. What do you think of the change to an 8-race series to decide the next championship? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the new format?

A: The first & most outstanding advantage is the huge upsurge in worldwide media interest in the new 8-race series & this is great for the overall sport of Triathlon everywhere. From a pure athletic point of view, the new race format makes winning a World Championship much harder for all the athletes because in the past the winner had to focus & be the best on race day. Now, all athletes must maintain a high degree of race fitness throughout the entire season to ensure they accumulate the required points. This seems to have excited and aroused the attention of fans & media alike.

Q: You won the first race in the series earlier this month in Korea. Who do you expect to be your main challengers over the rest of the series?

A: Because all the athletes will have to maintain an unprecedented level of fitness throughout the race season while contending with the rigors of consistent international travel I think it is hard to pinpoint anyone in particular as we will all face different challenges throughout the year. These factors mean that it will be virtually impossible to predict who will shine on the race days ahead so I will continue to expect every person on the start-line will be a serious challenger.   Emma Moffatt is my new training partner, so we’re looking forward to new series together and see how it pans out.

Q: Thinking back to Beijing, you had a very convincing win by over a minute. What was it like when you realized that you were going to become an Olympic gold medalist?

 A: It was surreal. Because it was a dream fulfilled, it was hard to be sure that it wasn’t still just a dream.  There was a huge feeling of relief just to know that all the blood, sweat and tears were paying off and how fantastic it was to have my family by my side as they had been through the whole journey with me. Also having Craig there as best friend and supporter was wonderful because without his knowledge and advice I wouldn’t have been able to get through.

Q: Australia has become the dominant nation in triathlon. Why do think that is? It is because of training at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)?

A: I think Australians are generally encouraged from a young age to be very sports minded, healthy & competitive. This is especially evident when you look at our long-distance stars past & present – it’s almost an extension of our outdoor lifestyle where swimming, biking & running are inherent characteristics. When there are AIS scholarships available that offer leading edge sports tuition to our nation’s athletes it’s a huge incentive to explore ones potentials to excel. I’m the proud product of an AIS scholarship & there’s no doubt it’s been extremely influential & beneficial to my career.

Q: You’ve made your name as an ITU athlete. Do you ever think about moving your focus to longer distances as your career progresses?

A: I have always wanted to excel in all codes and all distances of this multi-sport. I really enjoy non drafting & draft legal race formats so it’s really only a matter of timing. I’d love to do an Ironman one day, but I can’t say when that will be just yet.

Q: Finally and most importantly, what wheels do expect to ride this season?

A: I will ride ZIPP 303's in my draft legal races and the 404's in my non -drafting races. If the race conditions are good I’ll ride a rear 900 disc with a front 404.

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