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Back 10.23.2009

The Zipp® VukaR2C™ shifts up to new levels of comfort and aerodynamics.

The first shifting component from Zipp Speed Weaponry®, the new VukaR2C (Return to Center) aero shifter is a milestone in Zipp’s efforts to develop cockpit components that combine high performance aerodynamics with superior ergonomics.

After setting the VukaR2C at the natural angle for the rider’s hand position, the shifter’s return-to-center actuation resets the lever to its original angle after every shift, keeping the rider as low and as comfortable as possible.

Weighing just 180 grams per pair, the VukaR2C is also the first plug-in shifter designed with an aerodynamic profile that saves up to 6 seconds over 40km compared to a traditional TT lever.

The VukaR2C shifter was tested in Kona in 2008 and is Grand Tour proven. It is compatible with all aero bars and optimized for Zipp’s VukaShift extensions that eliminate the shifter’s expansion bolt by allowing users to attach the shifting mechanism directly to the aero bar extension.

SRAM® and Shimano® versions are available.

Note that the VukaR2C was previously announced as the RZR; the name has been changed to reflect its position in Zipp’s Vuka family of aerobars as well as SRAM shift lever technology.