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New Bars, Stems and Seatposts

Zipp Speed Weaponry’s collection of cockpit components has grown considerably for 2011, with the release of Service Course™ aluminum bars, stems, and seatposts, along with the superlight SLSpeed carbon stem, the VukaSprint carbon aero drop bar, and an update to the VukaBull carbon base bar. 

The Service Course line – which takes its name from the French term for a pro cycling team’s base of operations – provides a level of fit, performance and reliability worthy of riders like US cyclocross champion Tim Johnson and the Cannondale Cyclocross Team prepared by CyclocrossWorld.

 The bars, stems, and seatposts are available in two versions: Service Course and Service Course SL, which uses more intricate forging and machining, and titanium bolts to reduce weight. 

Service Course components are produced from high-strength 7075 aluminum except for the Service Course SL bar, which uses Zipp’s proprietary ZTL-71 alloy.

 Zipp Cockpit Product Manager Nathan Schickel said, “Zipp has traditionally focused on composites and carbon fiber technology. But aluminum bars, stems, and seatposts started making a lot of sense as we spent more time talking to elite athletes about their needs and to bike fitters about their clients’ needs. So we created Service Course to work for as broad a range of riders as possible.” 

To fit all shapes and sizes of users, Service Course and Service Course SL bars come in Short & Shallow and Traditional Bend drop shapes, and four widths (40 ,42, 44, 46) measures outside-to-outside; stems are available in /-6° and /-17° angles, and 70-130mm lengths; seatposts feature a unique clamp design with an exceptional range of fore/aft adjustment.

 Weights are highly competitive with other pro-level aluminum cockpit products: bars are 260g for Service Course SL and 280g for Service Course (S&S drop, 42cm); stems are 120g for Service Course SL and 130g for Service Course (100mm); seatposts are 220g for Service Course SL (275x27.2) and 270g for Service Course (350x27.2).

In addition to the new aluminum products, Zipp has continued to upgrade and expand its offerings of carbon aero bars, drop bars, and stems.  

For 2011, the VukaBull carbon base bar offers a redesigned wing profile that improves aerodynamics and strength, along with new ergonomic features like a wider clamp area with an extra 20mm to adjust clip-on aero bars, angled grips for a more natural wrist angle when climbing or sprinting, and a choice between zero or 40mm-drop versions. The VukaBull weighs 200g and is available in 42cm width.

 The new VukaSprint features a version of the airfoil section from the Vukabull, which is specifically designed to be most aerodynamic in the angles seen in a drop bar configuration. Internal cable routing and a sculpted aero top section provide comfortable hand positioning and give the 210g (42cm) VukaSprint a stiff, responsive road feel. The VukaSprint is available in Short & Shallow and Traditional Bend drop shapes in 42 and 44cm widths.

 At just 102g (100mm), the SLSpeed stem in constructed entirely from unidirectional carbon and with titanium hardware, and is available with a /-6° angle in 80-130mm lengths. Every detail, from the self-aligning bolt at the steerer clamp to the rearward-facing bolts threading into the faceplate, is intended to minimize weight without sacrificing stiffness or reliability.


Suggested retail prices (USD) for Zipp cockpit products: 

  • Service Course aluminum components
  • Service Course drop bar $90
  • Service Course SL drop bar $110
  • Service Course stem $70
  • Service Course SL stem $100
  • Service Course seatpost $90
  • Service Course SL seatpost $120
  • Carbon components
  • ContourSL drop bar $295
  • SL drop bar $350
  • SLC2 drop bar $295
  • VukaSprint drop bar $350
  • SLSpeed stem $325
  • SL145 stem $250
  • VukaAero integrated aero bar $1,000
  • VukaBull base bar $250

Most Service Course products will be available in September 2010.

Service Course SL products will be available in October 2010.