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Back 6.14.2011

Triple Tri Wins – TJ, Rinny, and the Hoff

Zipp athletes took top spots at the Ironman 70.3 Eagleman in Cambridge, Maryland on Sunday.  On the men’s side, TJ Tollakson took the victory, using the bike leg as his primary weapon to tear the field apart.  The Iowa native is known for his interest in using extreme positions and innovative equipment in an attempt to have the greatest aerodynamic advantage possible.  In addition to his unorthodox aerobar setup and round track helmet, Tollakson relied on Zipp’s new 808 Firecrest Carbon Clincher front wheel, a 900 clincher disc rear wheel.  But he really turned heads by riding a vintage Zipp 2001 frameset, which went out of production nearly 15 years ago.  Despite its age, the 2001 is still a highly sought-after piece of equipment among triathletes, who aren’t bound by the UCI rules that make it illegal in road events, and can take advantage of its radical beam construction.  Tollakson had the fastest bike split of the day, and held on during the half marathon run to take the win.

On the women’s side, Mirinda Carfrae proved she still has the legs from her 2010 season.  The Aussie chose a Zipp 404 (650c) front wheel and a 840 (650c) Tubular Disc rear wheel.  She conserved enough energy on the bike to unleash one of her signature run splits, which at 1:21:39, was faster than many of the men’s run splits.  Carfrae said she feels “back on track” with the win, and is ready to continue her long-term build up to Kona in October.

Across the country in Boise, Idaho, Ben Hoffman charged to a victory at Ironman 70.3.  Hoffman, just like Tollakson, rode the fastest bike split of the day, and using – a Zipp 808 Firecrest Tubular front and a Super-9 Tubular Disc rear – and SRAM Red components.  Hoffman noted that this year, his plan was to build an insurmountable lead on the bike, so that he could cruise in on the run and take the win.  He executed the plan perfectly.  The Coloradoan built up a monster 5-minute lead during the bike leg, and “had plenty of time to soak up the awesome crowds on the finishing stretch.”  He noted that key to the victory was to exploit the course’s challenging and windy conditions.  That’s precisely where Zipp’s Firecrest wheels shine, and provide more stability in crosswinds than other rims of the same depth.  Moreover, the Super-9 Disc rear actually generates forward lift when the wind hits certain critical yaw angles. 

Congratulations to Ben, Rinny, and TJ on the well-planned and well-executed race strategies.See the new Firecrest Revolution video 

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