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Back 9.3.2011

Introducing The 303 Firecrest; Expanded Bars & Posts Lineup

Brand new for 2012, Zipp is proud to introduce the completely redesigned 303 Firecrest, built from the ground up on the same Tubular and Carbon Clincher platform as the 404 and 808.  The new rim shape builds on the breakthrough successes Firecrest series, optimizing both the front and back halves of the wheel.  The new 303 Firecrest is 8% faster than the wheel that took back-to-back victories at Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, and maintains its legendary strength and durability.  The 26.2mm brake track flares out to 28.5mm near the inner diameter, for a rim that's optimized to be more aero with wider tires, like our own 21mm and 23mm Tangente Tubulars and Clinchers.

Also new on the 303 Firecrest is Zipp's newest 88/188 hubset, which will be available across the entire wheelset collection.  The 2012 revisions of our venerable hubs feature a non-drive-side bearing that's been moved outward 7.5mm and a new flange canted by 8 degrees, for an even stiffer and more durable wheel. 

Starting October 3rd, the 303 Firecrest is available in Tubular (1198 grams, $2300/€ 2100), and Carbon Clincher (1498 grams, $2700/€2500).  Two colorways will be available across our entire wheelset collection: Beyond Black, which features black-anodized hubs, spokes, and decals, and a classical Falcon Grey with gray-anodized hubs, silver spokes, and white/silver decals.

Zipp is also proud to announce expansions in our collection of handlebars and seatposts.  The brand new Service Course C and CSL handlebars feature the same ovalized top as our carbon Contour bar, for a comfortable climbing grip.  Both bars feature a new “Super Short Reach” bend that's great for riders with smaller hands to have a shorter reach to the brake levers.  The Service Course C (300g, $98/€88) and Service Course CSL (290g, $120/€$107) will be available on September 30th.

Also new in the Service Course lineup are zero-setback versions of our Service Course and Service Course SL Seatposts.  They feature the same low-profile hardware and extended adjustment range of their 20mm-setback counterparts.  The Service Course Seatpost (260g, $98/€88) and Service Course SL Seatpost (220g, $131/€117) are both available in 27.2 and 31.6mm diameters, and will be available on September 30th.

Finally, on the carbon side, Zipp is proud to announce the all-new SL Speed Seatpost.  The SL Speed is based on the same low-profile hardware design of our other posts, crafted of unidirectional carbon for high strength and low weight.  The 185g SL Speed is available September 30th in 27.2 and 31.6mm diameters, at $295/€264.