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Back 11.23.2011

Bike parts into art… into aid

We here at Zipp Speed Weaponry are inspired by World Bicycle Relief and its work to bring reliable transportation to people in rural Africa.

That’s why we’re spreading the word about the SRAM pART PROJECT – and telling you how you can own a piece of this innovative artwork, and support a great cause.

Here’s how it works: SRAM found accomplished artists from across the United States and gave each a box of 100 high-performance bike components. The artists were challenged to transform the parts into art – their creations are being sold in an online auction to benefit World Bicycle Relief.

See the art or bid
View the art or visit World Bicycle Relief on eBay to participate in the auction. The auction closes Nov. 30.

The SRAM pART PROJECT creations were displayed at the Interbike national bicycle show this fall. They also will be displayed in a juried exhibition in Chicago. The artist receiving top honors in the juried exhibition will be awarded a trip to Africa to visit people whose lives have been changed by the gift of a World Bicycle Relief bike.

The Cause
World Bicycle Relief serves people in underdeveloped regions of the world who suffer from lack of access to health care, education, and economic opportunity. With a bicycle you can travel up to four times farther, so you can get to a doctor, to school, or to work faster and more safely.

Art image credit: "The Sprinter" by Jesse Meyer