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Back 2.22.2012

New Tangente tube part of improved valve-extender system

We are pleased to introduce Zipp’s new lightweight Tangente™ butyl road tube, designed to improve rotational stability by decreasing rotational mass at the valve body. The new Zipp® Tangente tube features the only aluminum presta-valve body on the market (37 mm length with removable valve core).  To complement the tube, the new integrated Zipp aluminum Valve Extenders are available in lengths for each Zipp wheel.

The new tube-and-extender system puts the removable Presta-valve core at the end of the extension for the most effective air seal. That means you get the same access to the valve top you would have with an ordinary stem.  You simply access the top of the Presta valve directly, just as you would on a tube without an extender.

Zipp’s new valve extender system requires three components, each sold separately, making extender choice possible based on your preferred wheel set-up. Also, an all-in-one valve extender kit will be in stock soon:

1.  Zipp Tangente Tube with Removable Core ($10): The butyl tubes are 700c x 19-23 mm Presta 37mm and weigh 89 g without extender. The butyl tubes feature an aluminum valve body to save weight, allowing a tube thickness of .85 mm to optimize durability. The lightweight valve body also provides increased rotational stability.

2. Zipp Integrated Valve Extenders ($9): Made of lightweight aluminum, and featuring an integrated air seal, the extenders are designed with the same attention to detail and performance that’s built into Zipp wheels and other products. The Integrated Valve Extenders are available in four sizes for Zipp wheels:

  • 27 mm (1 gram) for 303 model wheels
  • 41 mm (2 g) for 404 models
  • 65 mm (4 g) for 808 models
  • 91 mm (6 g) for 1080 models 

(Sizing note: Due to the shorter 25 mm length of the Tangente Tubular Valve stem it is recommended to move up one size of valve extender to allow enough extender coming out of the rim.)

3. Zipp Valve/Extender Wrench Set ($7): Each set has two 4 and 5 mm wrenches required for assembly. The tube-valve body and extenders have wrench flats for easy removal and installation.

4. Available in March -- Zipp Integrated Valve Extenders and Zipp Valve Wrench Set ($25): Each complete set includes three Zipp valve extenders and two Zipp valve/extender wrenches for an all-in-one kit:

  • 27 mm (1 gram) for 303 model wheels (quantity 3), and 4/5mm valve wrench (quantity 2)
  • 41 mm (2 g) for 404 models (quantity 3), and 4/5 mm valve wrench (quantity 2)
  • 65 mm (4 g) for 808 models (quantity 3) and 4/5 mm valve wrench (quantity 2)
  • 91 mm (6 g) for 1080 models (quantity 3), and 4/5 mm valve wrench (quantity 2)


  • Zipp’s new Integrated Valve Extender is compatible with other tubes and tubular tires with removable valve cores.
  • Zipp’s Tangente Tube with Removable Core is compatible with other removable-valve-core-compatible extenders.

A small amount of grease is required to seal the threads of the valve extension and valve core.

The extensions include an instruction manual and require the Zipp valve/extender wrench for proper assembly. For instruction information, visit the integrated-valve extenders page and click on photos to left marked "alternative views."

For more information, check with your local bicycle shop or visit and the Zipp Store.