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Back 5.17.2012

TT talk and more with Nicola Cranmer

Defending Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong of Team Exergy TWENTY12 headlines today’s second annual Amgen Tour of California Women’s Time Trial Race presented by SRAM. The women, vying for $10,000 in prize money, will compete on the same 18.4 mile course in Bakersfield as the men in Stage 5 of the Amgen Tour of California.

In addition to Armstrong, Tayler Wiles and Alison Tetrick of Team Exergy TWENTY12 are taking part in today’s race. The team uses Zipp wheels, Zipp tires as well as Zipp bars, stems and seatposts.

We had a chance to chat with Nicola Cranmer (pictured), the team’s general manager, about today’s time trial and other topics related to women’s cycling:

On what today’s time trial means for Kristin Armstrong:

“For Kristin Armstrong, it’s definitely an Olympic-style course. It’s one of the longer time trials in the U.S. It gives her another opportunity to test her equipment, clothing, her fitness on a course that basically is the same distance as an Olympic course.”

On helping Team Exergy TWENTY12 riders select Zipp wheels for different types of races:

“We educated them. Some are more technically minded than others. We try to educate them all on the different performance abilities of the different wheels that Zipp provides…. Theresa Cliff-Ryan, she’s our sprinter, she really likes the deep-dish wheels. The climber specialists are on the 202s. The 303 Firecrest right now seems to be the wheel of choice.”

On the upcoming women’s Exergy Tour stage race from May 24-28 in Idaho:

“It’s going to bring a lot of attention…. It’s going to look and feel just like the Tour of California. The course is a really good course. I mean, grown men would cry! It’s going to be super challenging.”

On the importance of mentoring the team’s junior riders:

“We do Skype chats with them… Heather Logan Sprenger, she has a Ph.D. in exercise physiology and nutrition, she’ll go on and talk about nutrition with the juniors.We talk about things like how to pack for a race, training, how to eat when training. They have access to all of the pro riders.”