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Back 5.18.2012

At your service, SRAM Neutral Race Support

SRAM Neutral Support’s flashy red Volvo XC70s are a familiar sight in the Amgen Tour of California’s race caravan. The guys in red are ready to assist any rider from any team with a wheel change, derailleurs adjustment – whatever – on the fly.

Butch Balzano from SRAM Neutral Support gave us the highlights of what’s inside these rolling bike shops:

  • Spare Specialized bikes with SRAM components, Zipp wheels and Zipp Service Course SL  and Service Course bars and stems. Frame sizes range from 49 to 61 cm to accommodate different sized riders. 
  • Six Zipp 404 wheels, with a mix of 404 Firecrest models and 404 Clincher models. 
  • Set of tools.
  • Spare pedal box.
  • Cooler to stay hydrated on hot race days.
  • Various small parts.

It typically takes about 10 seconds for a pro mechanic to change a wheel. Many pro riders will step off the bike for a rear wheel change to make things easier for the mechanic. For a simpler front wheel change, the pro may remain straddling his bike.