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Back 5.18.2012

Craig Hummer's race of truth

Craig Hummer will be back at the Tour de France this summer reporting on the world’s greatest race for NBC and NBC Sports Network. But he’s also an avid (and strong) rider who rides Zipp wheels.

So, we caught up with him this week at the Amgen Tour of California’s amateur and celeb time trial. We’re still trying to confirm final results, but Craig finished the 18.4 mile course in 43 minutes and change -- near the top of the leaderboard among amateurs and celebs.

On the road, Craig rides a 303 Firecrest front and 808 Firecrest rear. For the TT, Craig sported an 808 Firecrest front and a 900 Clincher Disc in the rear. He said the 808 Firecrest provided a fast but steady ride. The 900 Clincher Disc, he said, propelled him with the wind. 

“I was completely out of out on my aerobars the whole time,” Hummer said after finishing the fast and windy course in Bakersfield, Calif. “I only got out of my saddle one time, and the only reason I did that was to try to loosen up my back.”

But beyond giving product feedback, Craig said riding and racing hard using top equipment provides him with the perspective needed to report on pro cyclists and the challenges they face.

“I am always amazed and humbled by how good these guys are. It’s one of the things I try to bring in when I’m covering the sport in whatever capacity. The goal is to make the average human realize how good they are. That’s sort of why, when I got into this sport, I wanted to do it at the level that I’m doing it. I wanted to have a good baseline to be able to say, ‘I’m killing myself. I couldn’t move when I crossed the line.’ Yet these guys are going to be exponentially faster.”