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Back 8.21.2012

Important note on Zipp wheels and 11-speed compatibility

Zipp 2013 wheels to be 11-speed compatible;
Service coming soon to covert current model-year spoked wheels

Starting in October, new Zipp spoked wheels and discs will be compatible with cassettes of up to 11-speed to work with all modern drivetrains. We will unveil details about our 2013 wheel lineup next week at Eurobike. 

Also, this fall Zipp will offer a service for customers to convert their existing 2012 Model Year spoked wheels – those with Beyond Black or Falcon Grey 188 hubs only – to become 11-speed compatible. We will release details for the 11-speed conversion service in the weeks to come.

Zipp wheels already are compatible with Campagnolo® 11-speed with the 188 Freehub Conversion Kit. For older hubs, click here for more information