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Super-9 Carbon Clincher - learn all about it

The Zipp® Super-9 Carbon Clincher Disc is our fastest wheel ever, and much more…. Learn all about this incredible new speed weapon through our Zippcast interview with two of the minds behind it, Zipp design engineer David Morse and Zipp process engineer Karl Hall.



Why Carbon Clincher?
“You get a lot more freedom with the shape of the wheel. Carbon is a little bit easier (than aluminum) to mold into complex curves. The Carbon Clincher also gives you a little bit of a weight advantage. … With the Carbon Clincher you have a seamless curve that goes from the tire interface down to the sidewall of the disc, and that helps tremendously with aerodynamics.”
-- David Morse

Convenience of Carbon Clincher
“I can show up at a course and I can choose what tire I want to run, if I want to run a 23 (mm) or a 25. I can choose whether I want to run latex or butyl (tubes). I can make all of those choices on the morning of a race. If I show up and I have a flat, I’m not regluing a tubular. … I can have that control in my hands and make those race-day decisions with absolute confidence that I can go out on the course and be riding an incredibly fast wheel on exactly the setup that I want to ride.”
-- Karl Hall

Design and manufacturing under one room in Indianapolis
“We have a group of highly experienced and highly skilled people, and when we throw a challenge at them – our manufacturing engineers, our process engineers and our folks on the floor – we attack the problem basically in one way: We rely on our people to do what they do best. We train them, we work with them and we develop processes that they can do repeatedly so we can give somebody something that absolutely exceeds their expectations when they pull it out of a box.”
-- Karl Hall

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