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Back 10.18.2012

New 11-speed compatibility service

Zipp® Speed Weaponry is pleased to announce details of a new service for customers to convert 2012 model-year Zipp wheels to become compatible with 11-speed cassettes.

What wheels are eligible for the 11-speed conversion?
Zipp’s model-year 2012 spoked road wheels. That means only wheels with Beyond Black or Falcon Grey 188 hubs with the red freehub body for use with SRAM and Shimano® cassettes (see photo to right). Older spoked wheels including those with silver hubs and all disc wheels are not eligible. No ZEDTECH wheels can be converted.

Zipp’s 2012 wheels with the blue freehub body (designed for use with Campagnolo® cassettes) also may be converted to be Shimano® 11-speed compatible, although this involves a re-dish of the wheel as well as installation of a new axle, end cap, freehub body and spacer. After the conversion, the wheel will no longer be compatible with Campagnolo® cassettes.

Important notes:

  • 2012 model-year Campagnolo®-compatible wheels – those with the blue freehub body -- already are compatible with Campagnolo® 11-speed. For older hubs, click here for more information.
  • All of our new 2013 spoked road wheels – which started shipping in October – already are compatible with cassettes of up to 11-speed to work with all modern drivetrains. No conversion is needed.

When does the conversion service become available?

What is involved?
The process involves installation of a new axle, end cap, freehub body and spacer along with a re-dish of the wheel.

Can I still run a 10-speed cassette on my newly converted 11-speed compatible wheel?
Yes, the 11-speed compatible hubs include a 1.85mm spacer. You simply place this spacer on the inboard side of the freehub body along with your 10-speed cassette. Remove the spacer when using an 11-speed cassette.

Will the conversion affect the performance or durability of my wheel?
No. Your wheel’s superior durability, handling and aerodynamics are unchanged.

How do I prepare my wheel for this conversion service?
Remove the tire, rim tape and cassette. Take your wheel to an authorized Zipp dealer. Please contact your Zipp dealer for further details and pricing information.