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Back 11.21.2012

Within victory, lessons for all

Linsey Corbin’s victory at last weekend’s Ironman® Arizona holds lessons for all triathletes: Focus on factors within your control. Don't give up.

The Zipp-sponsored-cowboy-hat-waving Montanan had been close to the win in Arizona, finishing second each of the last three years. But this year – after a subpar swim – her chances of victory looked slim, at best.

“Hearing coming out of the water that I had 9 minutes to make up is never any fun,” Corbin said. “I knew from past experience that I had clawed my way back before (Ironman® Coeur d'Alene 2010) and that I could do it again. With that kind of deficit all you can do is focus on yourself and the things you can control: cadence, nutrition, gearing, finding a rhythm.”

The cycling leg was crucial. Corbin rode a trusted wheel combination – a Zipp 808 Firecrest front wheel and Super-9 Disc rear wheel.

“The longer the 112 ride went on, the better I felt. Headed into the final 40 miles of the bike I made a big move and finally saw the lead of the race start to shrink. I felt smooth, in-control and mechanically confident thanks to my trusty SRAM/Zipp combo,” Corbin said. “Starting the run I was in a great place to run a decent marathon. I ended the day with the fastest bike and run splits for the women.

"Winning this race means a lot - I have been second the past three years, so that makes the 2012 victory all the sweeter." 

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