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Back 12.21.2012

Details from Santa's aero workshop...

Thanks to all who participated in our Santa photo caption contest on Facebook. We’ve made a list of some of our favorites. We’re instructing Santa to send four from this list some Zipp swag for the new year. (Santa has to take care of the kids first!)

Happy holidays - and happy riding in 2013 - to all!

“More elves! You know how many requests you've gotten for Zipp stuff this year... Production needs more elves!”

“OK, Let me get this straight, 2 million "KIDS" put Vuka Aero bars on their Christmas list.”

“Modifying 8 reindeer antlers to simulate Vuka aerobars will save you 1.7 jigawatts of power over the course of an 8,000 mile time trial.”

“Santa, with the latest Zipp technology on your sled, you will crush all Strava segments.”

"With these new Vuka Aero Antler Replacements, your reindeer will fly! ... By the way, you want me to refill that glass of milk? Aero trumps weight anyway."

“Santa with these new Vuka antlers the reindeer would be twice as fast leaving you more time with Mrs. Claus.”

“Santa, I promise dimples on the sleigh will save .03 watts, getting you and the reindeer home at least 1 hour earlier. Won't Mrs. Claus be happy!”

“Listen, dude, our CFD shows that the more time you spend in the aerobars, the more time you'll have to eat cookies at each stop!”

"With all due respect, sir, you aren't getting any younger, or any slimmer. So you simply must upgrade your equipment to be able to stick to your schedule."

“Santa, we understand that the new position these aero-bar-reins put you in doesn't look good on radar, but remember, the number of kids increases each year, and you have to keep pace by speeding up!”

“Go aero, spare reindeer power!”