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Back 2.12.2013

Vuka Stealth - Elegant, aero, adjustable.

Zipp’s new Vuka Stealth breaks barriers for what’s possible with an integrated aero system. It’s sleek, clean and almost endlessly adjustable. The Vuka Stealth ($1,070, €958) provides a stunning 1,920 fit options. Dial in your position for comfort and efficiency while optimizing your body’s wind drag.

The Vuka Stealth integrates the stem, basebar and mounting clip into a single streamlined aero system. The base bar uses a truncated airfoil shape that maximizes aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining the UCI’s 3:1 aspect ratio requirement. The basebar’s Rapid Routing cable exits are positioned for easy installation of brake cables.

The Vuka Stealth is available in three separate stem lengths – Short, Medium or Long. You pick one. Each size also includes stem-length spacer to increase stem length by an additional 10mm. That provides a total of 50mm of stem-length variation.

The Vuka Stealth is crafted from unidirectional carbon fiber and uses titanium and aluminum hardware. It is made with the industry standard 22.2 mm extension clamp diameter for maximum versatility, making it compatible with Zipp’s Vuka Extensions (Race, Straight, Ski-tip or Race Vuka Shift styles) as well as most extensions on the market. Extensions are sold separately.

MSRP: $1,070, €958
Material: Unidirectional carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum hardware
Weight: 820g (Medium bar with Zipp Vuka Race carbon extensions).


  • Integrated stem and bar (42cm outside-to-outside)
  • 3 stem sizes (Short, Medium and Long) with included 10mm spacer provide 6 stem-length options
  • 10, 25, 50mm stack risers included raise both the armrest and extensions
  • Rapid Routing™ cable exits designed for easy installation
Note: The Vuka Stealth ships with integrated stem and basebar, Vuka Stealth extension clamp & armrest clamp, Vuka Stealth risers (two each of 10 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm risers), Vuka armrest pads and Vuka armrest. Also included are a T25 L wrench, carbon paste and a 1/4 turn Zipp Quickview mount with an integrated and proprietary mounting interface.

Availability: March