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Back 2.12.2013

404 650c Firecrest Carbon Clincher - Big breakthrough for smaller riders

Zipp’s 404 650c Firecrest Carbon Clincher offers smaller athletes superior aerodynamics, stability, durability – and proper fit. For too long many smaller cyclists, because of limited options, have trained and raced on standard 700c wheels, losing out on the increased efficiencies of riding a proper fitting wheel.

Now, with Zipp’s latest addition to its revolutionary Firecrest lineup, those days are over. The 404 650c Firecrest Carbon Clincher wheelset is at the forefront of the fit revolution while also building on the Zipp 404’s already legendary status. The 404 650c Firecrest Carbon Clincher allows smaller bikes to fit smaller athletes. After all, road bikes were made in two wheel sizes – 700c and 650c – to keep handling and positioning proportional.

Yet the 404 650c Firecrest Carbon Clincher offers all of the performance benefits of the 700c version. Its 58mm rim depth is a classic all-around performer that has carried athletes to scores of victories in triathlons, time trials, criteriums and road races. It also features two of Zipp’s most significant innovations – our proprietary Firecrest rim shape and Carbon Clincher technology.

Ships with Zipp Tangente butyl road inner tube with removable core (650 X 18-25mm, 90g), Zipp Integrated Valve Extenders, Zipp Valve Extender Wrench Set, Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Evo Brake Pads, quick-release skewers and rim strips.

Compatible with cassettes of up to 11-speed to work with all modern drivetrains.

Material: 88 / 188 hubs (Available with SRAM/Shimano® Cassette body or Campagnolo®), stainless steel spokes, Firecrest Carbon Clincher rim
MSRP: $1,227/€1,138 Front
$1,498/€1,387 Rear
Decals: Classic White or Beyond Black
Weight: Front 670g, Rear 795g
Compatibility: 10/11
Max Rim Width: 26.53mm
Rim Depth: 58mm
Spoke Count: Front 16, Rear 20
Availability: March