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Vuka Stealth - it's all about fit

Zipp design engineer Ben Waite grew up in rural Indiana not far from Zipp’s Indianapolis factory. He played Indiana high school hoops and earned an engineering degree from Indiana’s Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. A triathlete with a burgeoning interest in time trialing, Ben now uses his competitive fire and technical knowhow to design the world’s most advanced aero-cockpits…

In this new ZippCast, Ben explains how the new Vuka Stealth – which provides 1,920 fit options -- sets the standard for adjustability and aerodynamic efficiency in an aero system. He also talks about the innovations and features built into Zipp’s ever expanding aero-bar lineup.



Downside of fit limitations with previous integrated aero-bar systems
“I think a lot of people thought, ‘Man, I love this integrated bar but if it’s not my exact fit I can’t put it on the bike. I’m going to have to buy a new bike to use this bar.’ We really wanted to be able to address that.”

Introducing Vuka Stealth
“Vuka Stealth is a new integrated aero-bar that has the bar and the stem as all one piece of a beautiful carbon fiber construction…. Vuka Stealth, in the end, offers the sleekness of an integrated bar, but also has the ability adapt and get you in the correct position on your bike.”

Zipp’s diverse aero-bar lineup
“We really worked hard to try to bring the (Vuka) Alumina Clip, the (Vuka) Alumina base bar and the new aluminum extensions down to a price point that consumer that would be purchasing Zipp aero-bar product bar hadn’t really seen before… It’s kind of similar to what we did with the Service Course line of road handlebars, stems and seatposts.”

“We are really trying to work on our extension lineup to where we have an extension for every type of rider.”

A stress free ride for your wrists
“The whole purpose of the Race bend was to develop an extension where you maintained a neutral wrist…. We went through a lot of different prototypes and a lot of different tests with riders and people just trying to get it to a spot where you wrist was really stress free.”

It’s all about fit, fit, fit
“We are right smack dab on the middle of the industry becoming very fit centric.”…It’s really fun to work with all levels of athletes and kind of see that light bulb moment when they just slot themselves onto a fit on the bike and they’re like, ‘wow, I can really feel the difference. This feels great.’”