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Big Dawgs tour Zipp

It’s a short bike ride in Indianapolis from the Zipp factory to Hinkle Fieldhouse, home of the Butler University Bulldogs. As the team prepares to meet Bucknell on Thursday in the NCAA® men’s basketball tournament, Butler’s beloved mascots – the retiring Butler II and his puppy protégée, Butler III-- visited Zipp as part of their changing-of-the-collar Big Dawgs Tour.


Questions for Blue II 

Height? Weight?
2 feet sitting (60.96 cm), 58 pounds (26.31 kilograms)
Favorite Butler basketball memory?
Final Four… twice!
Favorite post-game (or post ride) meal?
Ice cream!
Your daily training regime?
Eat, sleep, repeat
Spring Classics or Tour de France?
Tour de France! It’s on repeat so we can watch the day’s stage at least three times. Plus, I like to imagine Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen narrating my life.
Favorite Zipp product?
808 Firecrest wheelset, beefy, like me!
Thought as you sat midcourt at Hinkle Fieldhouse for last time?
If I wasn’t so obedient, you’d have to drag me out of here!
Retirement plans?
Ice cream. Bike trailer rides and sleep.
Questions for Blue III
61 pounds (27.67 kilograms)
Best advice from Butler II?
Pace yourself. You never know when you’re on the verge of a Final Four appearance.
Favorite post-game (or post ride) chew toy?
The game ball.
Your daily training regime?
Random sprints in the office, jumping on Blue II, breaking away on campus.
Treat you’d most like to find in your doggie musette bag?
Anything peanut butter related.
Favorite Zipp product?
The Vuka Stealth aero bars atop a Super-9 Disc in the rear and 808 Firecrest up front. Built for speed!
Climber? Sprinter? Other specialty?
Sprinter. Peloton clown.
Fellow mascot most likely to make you growl?
This week, a Bucknell Bison but usually it’s that blue blob at Xavier.

Photo: Butler III was off to a running start for his tour of Zipp, with Butler II a bit more laid back. 
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