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ZippCast catches up with Pete Jacobs

Pete Jacobs’ victory last October at the Ironman® World Championship in Kona was a triumph 10 years in the making. As we head into the heart of the 2013 triathlon season, we wanted to share our recent ZippCast conversation with the likable Australian as he looks back on Kona and discusses his approach to racing and his Zipp, SRAM and Quarq equipment.



What Kona victory means
“I guess it just means that the goal that I’ve had for 10 years was the right one…. For all the time and the years that I’ve stayed focus even when things weren’t going very well, I still stayed on track and kept true to what I thought I was capable of and what I believed in.”

Race morning at Kona
“I’m very calm and I’m very quiet. I don’t wake up ridiculously early and I don’t eat a big breakfast… Same as every other year… Just the energy there is on race morning is quite incredible. … I had definitely more friends and family there this year. There was definitely a fair bit of emotion in the morning when I sort of gathered everyone around about 15 minutes before the race start and said thank you.”

Choice of the 82-mm deep 808 Firecrest wheelset
“They were the fastest, and also I’m a bit of a gambler, a bit of a risk taker. … In the crosswinds there’s not even that much of a difference between a 404 and an 808. It was very much (an approach where) I wanted to be on the fastest gear. If that meant supposedly taking a bit of a risk, I was going to take it…. A the end of the day, we got one of windiest days since 2004 and I didn’t even notice it.”

How bike fit affects run
“I can’t go with my elbows too narrow. That’s the one limiter for me…. I don’t like to feel like my chest is too tight, and that’s where it would effect my run. You have to run very proud, with your chest up, forward and open (on the run). If I started riding 4 ½ hours with a little bit of tension in my pecs and a little bit of tightness in my chest, it’s going to effect my run.”

On Australians winning past six Ironman® World Championships
“The Aussies that have won, we’re guys who pretty much guys who do our own thing in terms of we kind of coach ourselves… You have to be very intuitive with your training for Kona. You have to know when to ramp it up and not feel pressured by either your coach or yourself to do more, to keep pushing. … I think it’s a coincidence that we’re all Australian, but we have a lot of similar characteristics. We’ll manage our own training. If we need a day off, we’ll take a day off.”

“We’re also efficient runners, and running efficiency is also a huge part of doing well at Kona. Because of the heat your heart rate elevates and if you’re not an efficient runner that heat will just tip you over the edge. You’ll go from running a good sort of 4 minute km pace to running 4:30 closer to 5 minute km pace.

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