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Meet Team Saxo - Tinkoff's Michael Mørkøv

Michael Mørkøv caught the attention of many cycling fans last summer with his knack for getting into breakaways and wearing the coveted polka-dot climber’s jersey at the Tour de France. The native of Denmark is racing the Amgen Tour of California this week in support of Team Saxo – Tinkoff leader Michael Rogers.

Check out our recent chat with Michael:

Zipp: What are you goals at the Amgen Tour of California?
Michael: We have Michael Rogers here for the GC (general classification), and he’s been riding quite well. I think that he’ll be ending up on the podium, and I even think that for him it’s possible to win the race. We are really motivated about that. For me, it’s the first time to be in the Tour of California and I’m really excited.


Zipp: What do you make of the American racing experience?
Michael: This race is mainly on big roads. I even find that the peloton is pretty nervous when we have to turn because there’s not that often that we are turning on the roads. I like for me personally to do the springs here because there’s more space. It’s note that dangerous as it is sometimes in Europe.

Zipp: Last year you wore the polka-dot jersey (awarded to the leader of the climber’s classification) at the Tour de France and also were in a number of breakaways. How did that experience change you as a rider?
Michael: I was proud to be there and, of course, I was proud to wear that jersey for a couple of days. It made me believe more in myself as a rider and it also develop taking the next step closer to winning some races.

Zipp: You’re riding Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels for Thursday’s stage. What went into that choice?
Michael: The 303 is just the best all-around wheel. I would say it’s a combination of the 202 and the 404 (Firecrest). It’s aerodynamic but still light and a strong wheel.

Zipp: You do a lot track racing, including six-day races. What wheels do you ride on the track?
Michael: When I got the 808 Firecrest, which is a really fast wheel on the track, I really love to ride them. I am really happy about the Super-9 Disc I have…. Especially for the small tracks in Europe, like 200 meters or even 160 meters track, those wheels have to be incredibly stiff to stay low in the corners.

Zipp: Growing up in Denmark how did you first get into cycling?
Michael: My grandparents and my dad, they always used to watch the Copenhagen Six Day. Of course, when I was old enough they brought me to watch it. So I got so excited about that and really wanted to be a part of that. I got inspired by the track racing and the six-day racing.

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