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Back 6.18.2013

Introducing the Zipp QuickView TT Computer Mount

Securely places vital ride info where you need it

Zipp delivers an uncomplicated computer mount for aero-bar extensions that’s easy to install, lightweight and – above all – vibration and slip free. The 22.2mm industry standard quarter-twist mount installs simply and securely on aero extensions. It allows you to read your head unit easily while in your aero tuck. The Zipp QuickView TT Computer Mount is aerodynamically shaped for left-side installation, but also can be installed on the right bar extension. Comes with single Torx® T25 bolt, flexible mounting clamp and ¼ twist mount.

Weight: 18g
MSRP: $20/€18
Availability: July 2013
Part Number: 00.7918.030.001