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Back 8.28.2013

Comfort, control, performance

2014 Product Introductions: Zipp Revises Pro-Proven Service Course Bar Lineup, Introduces new SL Sprint Stem

Zipp’s new lineup of alloy Service Course and Service Course SL handlebars are all about comfort, control and performance. The bars are designed using feedback from top fitters and pro cyclists, including riders on the Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team. New for 2014, each handlebar has its own drop shape to meet the performance and fit needs of every rider. Each handlebar’s numeric name is derived from the bar’s “reach,” which is the horizontal distance from the center of the top of the bar (or center of stem clamp of bar) to the center of the brake perch. This crucial fit metric influences a rider’s overall position as well as his or her access to control levers. We’ve also refined each bar’s ramp angle for a more natural transition from the top of the bar to the brake hoods, which minimizes the need for up-rotated bars. The result of all this innovation is better fit and ergonomics, whether you’re in the drops or up on the hoods.

Service Course SL lineup:

Service Course SL-70™

The SL-70 is the bike fitter’s go-to bar. The short reach to the hoods allows a proper fit, without compromising stem length and steering control.

Service Course SL-70 Ergo™

Features the same compact reach and drop dimensions as the SL-70 and also features a contoured top section for a natural ergonomic grip on the bar tops.

Service Course SL-80™

The SL-80 allows a neutral wrist position on the drops and a flat brake-hood transition even for comfort and efficiency on the hoods. Rounded bar top is clip-on compatible.

Service Course SL-88™

The SL-88 is the traditional road racer’s bar, allowing a “long and low” position in the drops or a large horizontal flat to rest straight down upon.

MSRP: $110/€99 - Retail availability: October 2013

Service Course lineup:

Pro-level bars have never been so affordable. Our refined Service Course bars are crafted from 6061 Aluminum. The Service Course 80 provides comfortable and efficient positions on the tops, hoods or drops. The Service Course 70 Ergo features trickle-down innovation from the Service Course SL-70 Ergo.

Service Course 70 Ergo -- Design and fit dimensions similar to SL-70 Ergo

Service Course 80 – Design and fit dimensions similar to Service Course SL-80

MSRP: $55/€50 - Retail availability: October 2013

SL Sprint stem: Lightweight and rock solid

SL Sprint has Highest Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio of any Stem on Market.

Zipp set out with one clear goal – design the best-performing carbon stem. Ever. The SL Sprint does just that by having the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any stem on the market. It’s designed using SRAM’s Exogram™ technology, the same used in SRAM RED cranks. The SL Sprint was designed with feedback from top pros to meet the unrelenting demands of Grand Tour sprinters while not adding any excess weight to the bike.

Weight: 165g (100mm)

Angle: -12°

Size: 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140mm

Material: Unidirectional carbon

Hardware: Stainless steel with Torx® T25 heads

Diameter: 31.8mm

MSRP: $250/€226

Retail availability: October 2013