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Discover the Firecrest Difference


Watch New Video Explaining 
Technology Behind Firecrest 

About the Firecrest Difference Video

Zipp's Firecrest® rim technology rewrote the fundamentals of wheel making, resulting in improved aerodynamics, ride quality, wheel strength and stability in even the strongest of crosswinds. Since launching the 404 Firecrest three years ago, we've employed our revolutionary Firecrest technology throughout our carbon wheel lineup -- from the all-around performing 32mm 202 Firecrest to the ultra-aero 82mm 808 Firecrest.

If you've ridden Firecrest wheels, you've probably experienced what we call the Firecrest Difference -- an empowering feeling of speed, stability and responsiveness. But the Firecrest Difference is not just subjective qualities. It's science. Firecrest rims are designed to combat the biggest thing to slow you down on a bike -- wind resistance.

Using computer animation and images from our groundbreaking use of Computational Fluid Dynamics software, our new Firecrest Difference video gives you the basics of the bike science behind Firecrest.