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Back 10.16.2013

Trebon enjoys crisp braking this autumn

Ryan Trebon’s win at the Colorado Cross Classic last weekend confirmed one of cyclocross’ (and cycling’s) underappreciated truths – precise high-performance braking is vital to maintaining efficiency and speed.

It was a meaningful first victory of the season for the veteran from the Cannondale p/b Team. “The victories seemed to be eluding me by a few seconds so far this year,” Trebon said. Indeed, when competition is fierce every detail matters.

This season, Trebon along with teammates Tim Johnson, Kaitlin Antonneau and Curtis White are riding Zipp 303 Firecrest Disc-brake wheels paired with SRAM RED 22 with HydroR hydraulic disc brakes. “The Zipp 303 Firecrest disc-brake wheels and SRAM RED hydro have performed flawlessly all season and the better modulation on the hydro has been extremely beneficial in these fast dry early races,” Trebon said. He described the brake actuation as crisper and smoother.

“The biggest advantage I have seen to the disc brakes is both their superior stopping power and consistent braking modulation. No matter the conditions you get the same consistent action out of the brakes,” he added. “This enables me to be more relaxed going into sections of the course knowing when and how well my brakes will work. The disc also don’t require the same force to pull so my arms are more relaxed and I felt that I can ride technical sections of the course better as well.”