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Back 11.12.2013

2012 Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs Visits Zipp Factory

2012 Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs of Australia took a couple of precious days out of his training and travel schedule to stop by the Zipp factory in Indianapolis. Pete was most recently returning from running in the NY City marathon with his wife, Jamielle. We had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about his factory visit and life in general:

Pete, what were some of your impressions of the Zipp factory?
Getting to meet the brains behind the products, was amazing!
Unbelievable. Every station was incredibly interesting.
I was most surprised and impressed with how the strong the wheels are. The tests that they put them through, the R & D that makes them that strong but also lightweight, is amazing. Non-stop tests that go for weeks, over bumps and being pushed from the side, rammed into curbs, gives me heaps of confidence and an understanding that what is underneath me while I am out training and racing is keeping me safe. I firmly believe that if something were to fail underneath me while on the bike, it will be any number of other things before these wheels will fail.

You also had the opportunity to sit down with the Bar and Stem product guys, what was your takeaway?
Chatting about bar designs with the designer himself, was a really cool opportunity because that is a job that I would love to have. To be able to feel like I had that job even for an hour. To talk about how it works, and my ideas based on my experience and what I feel and go through when riding the bike for 5 and 6 hours at a time was amazing. This is something that they don’t do, and my experience was very well received. They told me that these are the things that they need to hear to not only understand but to be able to advance or improve their designs. And they told me what I needed to know to feel good about a product that is that critical to what I do from a performance and safety standpoint. Again, for me to feel like I had that job for an hour was amazing.

You and Jaime just completed the NY City Marathon last weekend. Tell us about racing for fun instead of competition and doing so with your wife.
I try to make most of my training fun. Being able to do the NY City Marathon with Jamie took that to another level. It was something that I will take with me and use during my training as I move forward, to remind me to keep it fun.
(Jamie) It was a surreal experience as I had no real expectations, I thought that it was going to be a lot more stressful to take part in such a huge and positive event, but to do so with Pete, who is such a positive influence on me, without any real training made it amazing. Doing this event without being prepared made it seem more like a tourist opportunity, as our host, one of Pete’s sponsors from Asics, told us as we passed through each of the boroughs. I did get some cramps toward the end, and someone trod on my heel causing my shoe to fly into the crowd. I used this to fuel me to get through the end instead of letting it make me angry, making the whole experience that much more fun.

Is this your first trip to this part of the US, we call the Midwest? What did you think?
This was our first trip to the Midwest. We got to see the Indy track (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) flying in, which was really impressive from the air. Indianapolis seems like a great place. All of the Zipp and SRAM folks have been so friendly and accommodating. It makes us want to hang out here for a while.