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Logan Owen: Growing Up With Bikes

Logan Owen has youth and experience on his side -- he’s 18 but has been racing since he was 4½. He confirmed his potential by placing fourth in the Junior World Cyclocross Championship in Louisville last February and then fourth again in the Junior World Road Championship in Italy.

We had a chance to catch up with the resident of Bremerton, Wash., who races on SRAM for cyclocross and road, last fall. Watch for the California Giant Berry/Specialized cyclocross rider in the U-23 division at the U.S. Cyclocross Nationals in Colorado this month.

How did you get into cycling?
I started racing bikes when I was 4½. I did BMX, just went out to a track one day and enjoyed riding my bike. There was a guy who ran the local track in Port Orchard, and he invited me to come out and race. … I got third place in my first BMX race. I was super excited. … It was just a natural love of mine at the beginning.

What about cyclocross?
It sounded fun, racing in mud, getting dirty. I’m a kid. … My very first race ended up being the national championships in Portland Ore. I got second in my very first nationals (at age 9)…. I finished and I was like, “Dad! Dad! That was the funnest thing I’ve ever done!” I was just so excited to be racing cross.

What was it like to get fourth at the cyclocross and road world championships?
I was expecting to get podiums at road worlds and cross worlds. But things happen in races. But I know I’m at that level. It’s good to see that.

You raced this cyclocross season on SRAM RED with Zipp 303 Firecrest Disc-brake wheels. What were your initial impressions of Zipp wheels?
They’re the best wheels out there. Mainly, I was on just other carbon wheels. I was really excited to have Zipp as a sponsor because I knew going into it that it’s the best wheel you can get. I immediately noticed it when I was racing, being in breakaways... I could tell it was much easier to stay out there for longer. I do feel like the like the Zipp wheels have had an effect.

You are planning to enroll at collegiate cycling powerhouse Marian University (which is supported by Zipp) in Indianapolis in the fall. What would you like to study?
I want to do business. I want to do whatever will help me stay in the cycling industry after I am done racing professionally. I want to continue to help growing the sport and help younger kids. I kind of want to make my own product line, or work at a product line such as Zipp. … I enjoy the cycling industry.

When it comes to cylocross conditions, do you prefer sand or mud?
Sand. I just enjoy it. I enjoy racing Koksijde (Belgium). I think it’s a much more technical skill that not everyone has. Everyone can have a lot of power, but not everyone has the skill and I feel like I do pretty well in that.

Snow or rain?
Rain. I grew up in rain.

Do you have a favorite dietary indulgence?
I tend to try to eat every healthy all the time. But the one thing that gets me is Oreo cookies and milk. I take about a two-week break after each season, and I go through about a pack or two of Oreos and milk.

Have you had a mentor in your cycling career who has particularly helped you?
The one guy who’s helped me out the most in my cycling career is my coach, Joe Holmes. He’s been more than just a coach to me. He’s been my mentor in life… He’s helped me with PR stuff, with training, with how to go about my cycling career. He’s also helped me with schoolwork. He lives about a mile away from me. We ride about every day. I started working with him when I was 13.

The other person is Tim Johnson (of the SRAM and Zipp-supported Cannondale p/b Team). I didn’t really know him much and then I raced with him at the Green Mountain Stage Race (in 2012). He ended up winning the overall at the stage race, but he ended up talking with me. We had a crazy battle for the win in the pro race on a mountain top finish. I ended up edging him out on the mountain top finish. …. He’s helped me out with ’cross stuff and all that for the last couple of years. He’s just asked if I’ve needed anything. He’s been a pretty cool guy about it.

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