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Katherine Kelly Lang takes on a new challenge

Zipp is very fortunate to be able to work with athletes at all levels and from all walks of life.  We would like to introduce you to Katherine Kelly Lang.  Kelly is most notably known for portraying Brooke Logan on the daytime series, The Bold and The Beautiful.  But we know her as Katherine Kelly Lang, the triathlete. Here is a short interview that we did with Kelly, leading up to her upcoming debut at the Abu Dhabi triathlon next month.


  • Can you give us a quick introduction to Katherine Kelly, the person, not the celebrity.

I am down to earth, love nature, family, horses , and training and competing in triathlons.

  • What is your athletic background?  

I grew up doing a lot of different sports. My father was in the Olympics for the long Ski Jump so he had us on skis at a very early age. I was on the gymnastics team, diving team, softball team and dance team in school.  I started riding horses when I was 3 years old and never stopped. I competed in Endurance races for 20+ years , in 50, 75, and 100 miles horse races. And last year fell in love with the triathlons.

  • Why triathlon, and especially, why long course triathlon? 

I love to challenge myself! I like to have a goal to work towards. I love swimming in the ocean, biking, and running. And I love endurance sports. I was obsessed with racing my horses for so many years and that endurance training is similar to how you have to train for a triathlon. Many long hours in the saddle, sprint training, strength training , nutrition. But now I am learning how to do it for myself and my body and not the horse.

  • Describe a typical training week for us, and how do you juggle it with your filming schedule?  

Since my schedule gets hectic during the week with shooting 8 shows I save my long rides and runs for the weekend and during the week do lower mileage and more brick workouts and weight training.

  • Who is coaching you, and how much do you have to adjust your training around your "real job"?

My sweetheart is coaching me. He is an awesome coach. I call him my "carrot". I feel like I am a horse trying to catch up to the yummy carrot, lol! It would not be as fun with out him. We really enjoy training together. He has competed in 6 Ironman Races and has coached many people for triathlons. Sometimes we have to do early morning swims and late night runs.

  • What is your planned race schedule this year, and what are your goals? 

We only have the first part of the year planned out. Abu Dhabi International Triathlon in March, Ironman 70.3 Oceanside in end of March, and Ironman 70.3 Italy beginning of June. Possibly Wildflower in May. And I would love to do Kona in October.

  • What has your experience with your Zipp wheels been so far?  I understand that there was an "incident".

Zipp wheels are the best! Smooth ride and aerodynamics have helped me on all my long training rides and am sure they will take off time in competition. Plus, it makes the bike look hot! The Zipp team has truly been so supportive and helpful and I thank them for all their efforts. My front wheel was stolen one day after a long training ride and Zipp sent me a new wheel to get back on the road in no time! Thank you Zipp!

  • Tell us one thing about you that you think would surprise people to know?

I hate wearing makeup and high heels which is the total opposite of my character.