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Back 3.18.2014

Details matter

Zipp is and has always been in the business of making people faster on their bike.  That includes making bike maintenance and usage faster and easier as well.  And we have always included Silca valve adapters with each of our discs.  Angled valve adapters are necessary for inflation of a disc, due to the confined space allowed by the small opening.

We are proud to say that with every disc we sell, we now include the CP1 Disc Adapter, the latest innovation from the new Silca brand, led by former Zipp team member Josh Poertner.  In typical Josh fashion, he has taken something that could have easily been an afterthought to most, and made it a thing of beauty and performance. 

The CP1 and 5 disc patches come with the purchase of any new disc, or can be purchased separately on, or from a local Zipp retailer.

SILCA CP1 Disc Adapter

  • New, synthetic elastomer gasket with 2X the holding power and 5X wear resistance of traditional gasket materials
  • New, two stage seal design, improves sealing and stability on all presta valve stems
  • Adjustable compression, user can tighten the cap to increase holding power by 4X and compensate for wear
  • 15 degree stem angle reduces stress on the valve stem from pump hose

Part number & MSRP:

  • 11.1918.031.000     ZIPP Disc Valve Adapter Black  $30
  • 11.1918.032.000     ZIPP Disc Valve Adapter Black and 5 Patches  $37