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Waste Not, Watt Not

In the never ending quest to make athletes faster on their bikes, Zipp is constantly testing and refining. As you pedal your bike, there are a known set of resistive forces continually stealing energy away from your athletic efforts. One of these forces is drivetrain friction. 

To achieve the perfect balance of performance, durability and cost, Zipp hubs are machined to the closest tolerances possible and are supplied standard with steel bearings of the highest grade available. But, for cyclists looking for that extra advantage, Zipp has partnered with CeramicSpeed to create specific ceramic upgrade bearing kits for use in all Zipp hubs and free hub driver bodies. These kits are all available now, and offer the following:

  • Lowest resistance hybrid ceramic (ceramic balls and steel cages) available.
  • Measurable wattage savings between 1.5 and 9 watts per bearing set, depending on the level and condition of your existing bearings. 

Available in convenient two-packs for Zipp front hubs, rear hubs and free hub driver bodies.


Zipp CeramicSpeed Bearing Kit 61803

One kit required for:

Zipp 88, 30 and 60 front hubs, Zipp 188v8 rear hubs, all free hub driver bodies 

Bearing Kit 61803 x2:
• Inner Dia: 17mm
• Outer Dia: 26mm
• Width: 5mm
• MSRP: $255 / €227 / £194


Zipp CeramicSpeed Bearing Kit 61903

One kit required for:

Zipp  188v9, 30 and 60 rear hubs 

Bearing Kit 61903:
• Inner Dia: 17mm
• Outer Dia: 30mm
• Width: 7mm
• MSRP: $255 / €227 / £194 


Zipp CeramicSpeed Bearing Kit 61803/61903

One kit required for:

Zipp  Super-9, 900 tubular and Sub-9 disc rear hubs 

Bearing Kit 61803, 61903:
• Inner Dia: 17mm, 17mm
• Outer Dia: 26mm, 30mm
• Width: 5mm, 7mm
• MSRP: $255 / €227 / £194

 Note: 88 front and 188v9 rear hubs are on all 2014 and newer Zipp  202, 303, 404, 808. These bearings will also fit Zipp 30 and 60 hubs.